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You fill in the form above (1 min)

We need a brief description of the property and your contact details. We will contact you within 1 business day. 

Telephone consultation (15 min)

We discuss the market price and answer your questions, then send a digital brokerage contract.

Meeting at the property (60-90 min)

We organize a meeting at the property for handover of keys, inventory and filming, at a time convenient for you or your representative.

Advertising and viewings (several weeks)

We advertise the property on and other major platforms. We carry out inspections 7 days a week.

Deal (several weeks)

Our lawyers assist you during the entire process of concluding the transaction - from deposit to confession.


Why should I sell a property with a VIP plan from

The first-class presentation of the property and the innovative marketing approach guarantee a quick and successful realization at the best price. A team of professionals drives the entire process without the need for your presence. With a VIP plan you get:

  • faster transaction without headaches
  • digitized process without the need for your presence
  • money saved and optimal selling price

The small text with the important things and the "tricks":

The commission for the VIP service is the same as for the standard plan: 2.4%, with VAT included from the selling price. The differences are that we invest more in advertising and assist you until the very confession of the deal. With the VIP plan, the contract is exclusive - only we have the right to offer the property for a period of 12 weeks from the signing of the contract. 

A new technological operating model for the real estate market, using only the advantages of both traditional real estate agencies and property portals.

Instead of individual brokers operating under one "hat", we have specialized teams, each of which performs a different activity for the realization of a given property - marketing and advertising, inspections, legal aspects, etc. Thus, property owners pay less and at the same time are served by more people, each of whom is an expert in his field. 

We specialize in residential properties with deed 16 - apartments and houses.

We currently work in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. 

For property owners who want to rent them out, the commission is half a month's rent including VAT. For sales, it is 2.4% with VAT from the sales price.

Renters and buyers pay nothing, ever.

We have a different business model. Traditional agencies split their fee with a broker; we rely on teamwork and innovation, which makes us much more efficient.

Traditional agencies charge half a month's rent excluding VAT or 3% excluding VAT from the sale price on both sides of a transaction. 

Our commissions are half a month's rent including VAT (20% less) or 2.4% with VAT from the selling price (33% less) and only by the owners of the properties.  

With the digital agency, more than half of the costs are saved on each transaction, that's why we have the most advantageous conditions on the market!

We sign a mediation agreement. We also require a copy of the notary deed or other document certifying the right to use the property.  

When selling a property, you must also provide other documents such as tax assessment, encumbrance certificate, sketch, etc. It is your responsibility to obtain these documents. In case you are not able to get them out, you can authorize our lawyers to do it for you. This service is paid extra, and the price varies according to the type and number of documents. 

This means that for a certain period of time we are the only ones who can offer the property. This allows us to invest more in its advertising. Under our exclusive plans, we also take care of viewings, 7 days a week.

Your property will be published on and in popular real estate portals such as and Additionally, we will share the property on social media and our customer database. When choosing a VIP plan, the property will also be advertised with sponsored ads in the digital space. 

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