What is a digital agency?

Imagine that a traditional real estate agency and real estate portal have a child who has inherited the best genes from both parents. The successor is a digital agency.

Flats.bg is the first digital agency in Bulgaria, but not in the world. Digital agencies have been "born" in different countries in the last 5 years, shattering the way real estate markets work. They provide more value for less money to landlords and property sellers and are free for tenants and buyers.


Here is a brief summary of the genes of a digital real estate agency compared to a traditional agency. 





Why Flats.bg?

Since 2017, the team of real estate professionals behind this digital agency has accommodated over 60,000 tenants for periods of 1 day to 3 years in 14 cities and resorts in Bulgaria and Romania.


We also sold a lot of properties along the way. This experience, our team and our company values are the basis of Flats.bg. Here are some of the features that are built on this foundation.

Excellent performance of the property

We noticed a big gap in the market. The omission in the presentation. What do we mean by that? Essential information is not displayed in a typical property listing. This may seem simple, but without it the results are:


  • misled potential buyers and tenants
  • many more views with disinterested customers
  • meaningless communication

In the end, this leads to a lot of lost time for all parties. Our property presentations include all the necessary information presented in a beautiful way. They have been checked and verified by our teams to ensure their accuracy.

The lowest agency fees on the market 

How can we afford to be 3-4 times cheaper than traditional agencies? 


  • Excellent performance of the property leads to much fewer inspections with the same (actually, even better) rates of completion. In addition, the landlords in our non-exclusive plan do the inspections themselves. This saves a lot of time for our team.
  • We work only with properties published in Flats.bg. We do not spend time searching for requests from tenants and buyers. 
  • We use modern technology to optimize all our processes, saving hours of manually editing ads every day. 
  • We work together as a team, using synergies and taking advantage of economies of scale. 
We are just efficient in managing our time. Oh, and we are not greedy - we prefer satisfied customers to large margins! 

A whole team works for you

In traditional real estate agencies, you are assigned a broker who must take care of all aspects of the transaction. In Flats.bg you get a whole team of professionals in the field of real estate. 


The team is divided into specialized divisions such as the announcement team, the inspection team, the "successful landlord support team", the marketing team, the tenant and buyer service team, the legal department and others. The advantage of this organizational approach is that our clients receive expert-level services at every step of the process from people with the necessary knowledge, experience and resources. Oh, and there's always someone you can talk to 24/7!  

Frequently Asked Questions

A new technological operational model for the real estate market, using only the advantages of both traditional real estate agencies and real estate portals.

It depends on the plan. For homeowners who want to rent their place, you would 40% without VAT from the rent for the first month. For sale is 1.5% without VAT from the sale price. 


Tenants and buyers pay nothing, never.


Please note that as part of the Bulgarian Home initiative, we have introduced a free plan for all. 

Tenants and buyers don't pay anything, ever and forever.

Please note that as part of the Bulgarian Home Initiative we have introduced a free-for-all plan. 

For all paid plans the properties are checked personally by a member of our team in the big cities where we work: 

  • Sofia
  • Plovdiv
  • Varna
  • Burgas

Otherwise, they are performed virtually through online video viewing. 

This means that for a certain period of time we are the only ones who can offer the property. This allows us to invest more in marketing. According to our exclusive plans, we also take care of the inspections, 7 days a week.


Go to the upload page and follow the steps. You will need to choose the right plan for you and give us information about the property.

Your property will be published on Flats.bg and on popular real estate portals such as imot.bg and imoti.net. 

Please note that the properties from the Bulgarian Home campaign will be published only on Flats.bg.

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